Mostfanatix - It's all about true passion!

Most Fanatix is an innovative IVR/Web service that analyzes and evaluates the human voice to determine who that greatest fan really is.

Based on unique automated emotional analysis technology, Most Fanatix is a first-of-its-kind service that detects and measures passion and excitement from every caller's voice. If your caller is the most adoring fan of a celebrity, sports team, product, or television show, Most Fanatix will prove it! 
The Most Fanatix service allows callers to express themselves candidly, while automatically analyzing their responses. The service is compatible with mobile/landline and web communication and is completely language-independent, analyzing statements made in any language.
Most Fanatix is designed for mobile operators, marketing campaigns and radio stations that promote listeners competitions to determine the most fanatic consumer of a product or service, the truly addicted shopper, or the wildest celebrity fan. Most Fanatic will give your target concept increased market exposure as well as reinforce brand recognition through contest-based campaigns.
The service is based on Nemesysco’s SENSE™ technology, an advanced voice analysis technology that analyzes specific properties in the voice to detect and measure a wide range of emotions, including passion, excitement, concentration and embarrassment. By detecting minute, involuntary changes in the voice during speech, the system measures levels of enthusiasm, as well as determining whether the caller is in fact, genuine.

How it works?

The Most Fanatic marketing platform invites callers to upload their videos or talk about your product, their favorite celebrities, or their pastimes for at least 30 seconds, while the system analyzes the caller's voice. Three key parameters are analyzed - Concentration, Excitement, and Embarrassment. The system then measures each parameter to generate a “fanaticism” score, ranging from a -1,000,000 to +1,000,000. The higher the level of excitement and concentration detected, the greater the overall fanatic value will be. Should the caller feel embarrassed when talking, the overall fanatic value is reduced. Call charges may vary depending on the nature of the campaign and format (premium IVR telephone number or toll-free calls).


The Most Fanatic service allows companies to identify and reward their most enthusiastic and devoted customers.

Enhance brand loyalty
Generate enthusiasm
Minimum investment
Build a positive image

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NE (Nemesysco Entertainment)

NE is one of four Nemesysco business divisions. Nemesysco’s product line and complementary services are based on LVA (Layered Voice Analysis), a unique and patented security-level voice analysis technology designed for truth verification and detection of deceit.

SENSE™ Technology

SENSE is the consumer version of Nemesysco’s security-level LVA technology. Using a series of patented signal processing algorithms, SENSE identifies various types of stress, cognitive processes and emotional reactions, which together, make up the emotional structure of an individual at the time of voice capture. While SENSE utilizes a subset of LVA’s analytical parameters, the technology is based on the same core mathematical engine.